Frico Air Curtains

Frico Air Curtains

Frico air curtains save money and improve comfort when included in your building's climate control technology. Simple in concept, efficient air curtain design relies on precise application of the principles of fluid mechanics. Frico air curtains are designed and tested at one of the most advanced air and sound laboratories in Europe, resulting in very high air flow performance, and exceptionally quiet operation.

Large premises with a significant HVAC investment are often affected by high volumes of traffic into and out of the building. Apart from large losses of conditioned air and subsequent costs, this can result in reduced comfort close to openings, or even loss of custom by passing trade. Frico air curtains offer high design and manufacturing quality and operate efficiently creating separation of air zones, allowing good climate control near building openings without impeding access.

Frico Air Curtains for Commercial and Industrial Use

Frico air curtains offer precise design and control to meet the needs of specific applications. Models are available for different sized openings and mounting heights, and different operating conditions. Once installed, Frico air curtains can be adjusted to provide effective air zone separation without causing discomfort on passing through doorways. Frico air curtains don't have to be mounted from above: some models can be optionally mounted at the side, and particular applications such as cold air flowing into industrial doorways, are better suited to models specifically designed for the purpose, where the air curtain blows up from ground level. Many Frico air curtain models also optionally provide heated air instead of relying on ambient air temperature.

For large or complex premises, Frico air curtains can be controlled by the building management system, enabling automated operation cycles, and intelligent compensation for differential climactic conditions indoors and out, and the frequency of door operation. Frico air curtains used in this way always operate at optimal efficiency, saving you money.

Additional Reasons to Use Frico Air Curtains

In addition to climate control, Frico air curtains eliminate gusts of wind, and prevent dust, fumes, and even insects from entering a building. While this has clear health and comfort benefits, keeping dust and insects out of a building can reduce maintenance and vermin control costs, or improve storage conditions for stock. Frico air curtains can also be installed inside buildings, to maintain temperature for cold stores, or to control dust or fumes from industrial processes.

Proven technology used in more than seventy countries around the world, Frico air curtains can be an important addition to your building's HVAC design and operation.

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