Frico Fan Heaters

Frico Fan Heaters

Frico fan heaters are quiet during operation, and are available in a range of models to suit different applications. Wall mounted models are manufactured to various specifications, ensuring there is a Frico fan heater suited to your premises. They are easy to mount and install, and because fan heating systems offer comparatively high amounts of heating power for the money, supplying your heating needs with Frico fan heaters can be a very economical investment. Further savings can be made with accessories to automatically regulate heating cycles depending on use, and the addition of a mixing cabinet to your Frico fan heater installation will satisfy your ventilation requirements as well.

Frico Fan Heaters for Commercial and Industrial Use

Frico fan heater models come in a range of capacities to satisfy the requirements of your site's HVAC design. More economical operation is possible with water-connected models for use with a hydronic heating system. There are many options for monitoring and control too: an external control panel can connect up to six Frico fan heaters for situations where simple control is sufficient. Where a site is larger or has more complex HVAC and services, Frico fan heater SWH has an integrated control system, for fully automated intelligent control, and these models can be monitored and controlled by your building management system. There are also smaller, simpler units for mounting in site offices or workshops. All Frico fan heaters benefit from knowledge gained in one of the most advanced air and sound laboratories in Europe, and this has resulted in their exceptionally quiet operation.

Special Uses for Frico Fan Heaters

Sometimes a temporary heating solution is needed to improve working conditions for staff on temporary worksites, or heat is needed to dispel dampness, or to provide a more optimal temperature to cure coatings or adhesives. Frico fan heaters are compact and lightweight, yet robust, and can even be hung on a wall for temporary installation. Other higher capacity portable models can heat larger areas where a permanent heating installation is not feasible. There is even a range of Frico fan heaters specifically designed to be used safely in different demanding environments, for example, in corrosive environments, or when the risk of ignition or combustion is a concern. Frico fan heaters for demanding environments are hard wearing and can also be used as portable heaters, if necessary, making them truly versatile.

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