Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Swimming Pool Heat Pumps

Why suffer the cold in winter. Enjoy swimming all year round with commercial grade Calorex Swimming Pool Heat Pumps. Calorex have been designing and manufacturing Swimming Pool Heat Pumps for over thirty years and in that time they've developed some of the most cost and energy efficient Pool heating and climate systems to ensure your swimming pools are at the optimum temperature, whether it be hot or cold outside.

A Long Term Heat Pump System

Keeping swimming pool costs down and efficiencies up is crucial for the long term management of Public or Private swimming environments. Calorex have specially designed their swimming pool heat pumps with long lasting high grade materials and parts to deliver the best in low cost maintenance and operation.

Not only does the heat pump system reduce maintenance to the system itself, but for in door installations, Colarex heat pumps actually reduce maintenance costs to the entire building caused by high humidity levels.

Who can use a Calorex Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Whether you run a hotel, sports centre, school or even a private residence, the Calorex heat pump is ideal for controlling swimming pool temperatures and giving your friends, clients and guests the ultimate climate controlled experience while keeping energy costs down.

Your swimming pool designer will thank you for recommending Calorex as a solution for your swimming pool heating needs as we provide a solution which is not only reliable but economical as well no matter what the ambient temperature indoors or out.

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