Applied Climate Services were approached by the retirement village developer and pool builder to supply a control system for the planned recreation/hydrotherapy pool.

The pool is 18m x 10m and the pool hall 25m x 15m x 4m. Glass windows face south and west with solid walls on the north and east. The roof has a metal finish and is fitted with a vapour barrier. Mean average July night temperatures are around 6°C and day 13°C with an RH between 68-80%. As the pool is for hydrotherapy the water temperature was 32°C. Control design requirements were for 60%RH with the air temperature just above the pool temperature for the comfort of the occupants.

Applied Climate Services recommended a Calorex Delta 6 unit be installed in the adjacent plant room with moist air being drawn from the pool hall, dehumidified by the Delta and then distributed through exposed ducting around the pool hall to wash over the windows and walls. The Calorex Delta 6 is a heat pump dehumidifier that recovers both sensible and latent energy to provide pool water and air heating. In addition the Delta is a ventilation system that senses and controls fresh air and exhaust air to maintain acceptable internal conditions.

With simple controls and reduced maintenance requirements the Calorex Delta system has provided a complete control system for the retirement village pool and as a result it means energy consumption and operating costs are kept to a minimum.

The Calorex Delta 6 control system for the indoor pool at the Richfield Retirement Village, Aspendale, Victoria installed in the plant room adjacent to the pool. The Delta 6 provides heat recovery, dehumidification and ventilation and controls the pool hall environment.

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