Swimming Pool Control Systems

Swimming Pool Control Systems

For an enjoyable pool swimming experience, you need the right water temperature and humidity conditions to be maintained. This takes specialised equipment made by a manufacturer with experience and expertise. Australian Climate Agencies proudly supply systems designed by Calorex, Europe's foremost manufacturer and designer of commercial and domestic swimming pool control systems.

With over 35 years experience in the field, Calorex, a UK based company, specialise in indoor pool control systems based on advanced heat pump technology.

Evaporation from a heated pool, if uncontrolled, causes significant damage to the building fabric and any other items within the pool space. In addition floor surfaces can become dangerous and the indoor environment unhealthy. The evaporation rate is dependent on a number of factors but the most significant is the differential between the water temperature and the air temperature. The higher the water temperature is above the air temperature the greater the amount of moisture is released from the pool surface and this increases as the pool activity increases. How that moisture is controlled is the key to a maintaining a healthy pool environment.

Calorex have a range of products to suit varying pool sizes and conditions. All are based on the principle of latent heat recovery with the larger ranges providing heat recovery to air, heat recovery to water, balanced fresh air/return air movement and other features. 

Calorex systems are in use throughout the world and in Australia since 1994 providing reliable and effective control to multiple sites in every State and Territory.  From small household spas to full-scale 50m Olympic pools, Calorex have a swimming pool control system to suit any application in any climate.  


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