In domestic, commercial and industrial environments, humidity levels have a profound impact on a wide range of factors, such as the longevity of construction materials, the functioning of electrical equipment and technology, and productivity levels of workers.  High humidity conditions can often promote excessive mould and bacteria growth, malfunctioning in electrical and computer equipment, and deterioration of walls, plaster and woodwork.  Conversely, low humidity conditions can lead to various health problems in humans, such as dry skin, sore throats, and respiratory problems.  Needless to say, humidity is a factor that warrants careful control measures.  

Calorex is a UK-based company which specialises in the design and manufacture of  dehumidification products, specifically for applications requiring careful and efficient control of humidity levels.  They have a reputation for quality and innovative engineering that spans all of Europe and the UK, having supplied to more than 60 countries worldwide for over 30 years.  Calorex dehumidifiers are therefore amongst the most respected products on the market when it comes to managing humidity conditions.

A better dehumidifier solution

Processes involving heat or ventilation are often employed as a solution for reducing humidity levels, but these usually require air to be channelled from an external source and then heated. This process is both costly and involves the loss of significant amounts of energy.  A better solution to this problem involves the use of specialised dehumidification equipment. Calorex dehumidifiers are used in both cold, damp climates and humid tropical climates specifically for this purpose.  

Calorex dehumidifiers units work by recycling the internal air and removing moisture from it using a gentle, controlled process.  A fan functions to extract room air into the dehumidifier, where it comes into contact with a refrigerated evaporator unit.  This causes the air to cool and the moisture contained within it to form as condensation on the evaporator.  In doing so, the humidity can be controlled without the need for heat. These systems also convert the latent energy derived from the air during the dehumidification process into heat.  For every 1kW of power consumed, 2.5kW can be returned to the room in the form of direct heating thus reducing heating costs.

Dehumidifiers for a wide range of applications

The Calorex range of products range from cutting-edge 'total loss' and 'keep dry recirculation' systems to small easy-to-use units that are fully portable, covering a wide range of potential uses in most climate conditions. 

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