Indoor pool air handling unit enhances air quality.

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Australian Climate Agencies supply the highest quality heating and cooling equipment for every application. We know that you will be impressed with our efficient, value for money and game changing HVAC solutions.

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Advanced products from energy saving industry supplier.


  • Commercial & industrial
  • Floor standing, wall mount
  • Ducted systems
  • Desiccant
  • Process drying


Energy saving supplier improves industrial efficiency significantly.

Indoor Pool Control

  • Ducted & Air Handling, for pools and Aquatic centres
  • Wall mount & Floor standing, for small pools and spas
Reliable energy saving solutions from top supplier.

Air Source Heat Pumps

  • Outdoor and indoor pool heating




Businesses trust energy saving industry supplier expertise.

Heating Systems - Electric

  • Radiant – commercial, industrial
  • Fan forced – commercial, industrial, mining
  • Convection – commercial
Frico heaters Dromana are energy efficient.

Air Curtains

  • Ambient, Electric heated, Water Heated, Reverse Cycle
  • Horizontal, Vertical, Floor ducted
  • Commercial, Industrial, Cold Storage
Frico heaters Dromana offer superior performance.

Air Handling Units

Frico heaters Dromana ensure optimal indoor comfort.

Soft Start Systems

Product Details


  • Advanced heating systems by Frico Australia.
    Commercial Air Conditioning

    Portable, refrigerant, water cooled unit of 7kW output. No external refrigerant lines to the variable speed hex that automatically adjusts to differing outside air temperatures – the original unit that others try to copy.

  • Frico Australia ensures efficient energy use.
    Industrial Air Conditioning

    High capacity space chiller with no external refrigerant connections and no external ventilation or ductwork. Fully automatic to operate in room temperatures of 30°C to -15°C.

  • Frico Australia delivers high-quality heating solutions.
    Portable Refrigerant Dehumidifiers

    Available in various capacities for use in building and restoration work, preservation, agriculture, data centres etc.

Air Source Heat Pumps

Pool Heating and Cooling

Pool heating:

  • Residential: Multi-functional to heat only, heat/cool or cool only in horizontal or vertical configuration to operate in outdoor temperatures of -10° to 43°C with inverter option.
  • Commercial: Heating or cooling designed for outdoor use in temperatures 10° to 55°C
  • Large commercial: Capacities 32kW – 125kW heating only for outdoor temperature of -10°C to 40°C.

Pool cooling: Plunge pools, therapy pools, sports facilities.

Dromana's indoor comfort improved by Australian climate control.
  • Optimal performance with Calorex commercial solutions
    Commercial High Temperature

    Hot water production to 68°C for space heating through fan coils, radiators or direct potable hot water. Space cooling as a by-product with capacitors of 6kW to 140kW.

  • Reliable Calorex commercial systems ensure productivity.
    Commercial Water Cooling

    Water tanks, buildings, agriculture in ambient temperatures of 10° to 55°C – capacities 6kW to 60kW.

  • Calorex commercial equipment meets industry standards.
    Commercial Water Source Heat Pump

    Hot water production to 68°C for space heating through fan coils, radiators, underfloor systems using heat recovery from soil, rivers, lakes and chilled water systems – capacities 20kW to 120kW.


  • Calorex commercial offers sustainable heating solutions.
    Indoor Pools

    Console, wall mount with optional through the wall kit and LPHW heat recovery to air heating for therapy use, health and wellness centres, hotels and spas.

  • Advanced technology in Calorex commercial applications.
    Pool Air Handling Units

    Heating air, air and water, humidity control, ventilation and energy recovery in a range of options and configurations for use in private pools to leisure and aquatic centres.

Commercial and Industrial

  • Cost-effective Calorex commercial products for industries.
    Wall Mount

    15L – 60L for drying rooms, change rooms, museums, art galleries, car storage.

  • Calorex commercial is trusted by top companies.
    Floor Mount

    86L – 600L with ducted options, high pressure fans, heat recovery to water, ideal for warehousing and equipment storage, parts storage, sub-stations etc.

  • Calorex commercial systems enhance operational performance.
    High Temperature Process Drying

    Rapid moisture removal with reclaimed latent energy to reduce power consumption – even drying improves product quality. Applications include ceramics, timber, confectionary, textiles and many more.

Product Details


  • Calorex commercial solutions provide unmatched efficiency.
    Air Curtains

    An extensive range of high quality, aesthetically designed product ranges in horizontal, vertical and recessed configurations operating as ambient, electric heated, water heated or reverse cycle refrigeration. The best solution to save energy in any entrance.

  • Efficient climate control solutions for Dromana residents.
    Fan Heaters

    Electrically heated and water heated fan forced units to suit commercial, industrial, mining, agriculture and marine environments.

  • Businesses prefer Calorex commercial for reliability.
    Radiant Heaters

    Indoor and outdoor options for offices, shops, public spaces, high bay warehousing to hospitals and churches.

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