Soft Starters for Fixed Speed Motors

Let’s talk about the highly misunderstood Motor Soft Starter. This innovative little device is used with AC electric fixed speed motors and is designed to temporarily reduce the load on your power train and electric current, as your motor starts up.

Fixed speed motors make up the majority of electric motors and are used in industries ranging from water management, manufacturing and processing through to HVAC, marine, oil and gas as well as mining, quarrying, food and beverage and paper and wood.

With the rising cost of energy and the focus on sustainable business practices, we cannot underestimate just how much energy can be saved in Australia’s business sector through the correct application of soft starters. Especially when you consider that fixed motors consume almost 70% of total electricity used in industry.

Let’s get one thing straight though – when it comes to controlling motors – if you’re operating a variable speed motor, you need a VSD. If it’s a fixed speed and fixed voltage motor, a soft starter is the ideal solution.

Benefits of Soft Starters

  • Reduces electrical and mechanical strain on applications which results in reduced breakdowns and downtime and an extended lifespan for the system
  • Monitors voltage, current and power factor during start up and reuses this information to run the motor efficiently under all load conditions, which reduces overall energy consumption.

Real-world test cases have resulted in thousands of dollars worth of savings in energy usage alone. Add in savings through reduced replacement parts (such as electrical circuits, gearboxes, belts and mechanical components) and reduced system downtime, and we’re talking about some seriously positive impacts for your business’ bottom line.

Whether you’re replacing motor starters, upgrading equipment or designing new systems, soft starters should be an important consideration.

Australian Climate Agencies works with the original pioneers of Soft Starter technology – Fairford Technologies, now part of the Motortronics Group. Based in the UK, they remain the most sophisticated and experienced in the soft starter industry largely because they exclusively operated in this one market.

Call Australian Climate Agencies on 03 5981 0308, to discuss your next engineering design project. We’ll provide you with the best advice on how soft starters can be correctly applied to fixed motors and help save energy for your client.