Sustainable HVAC solutions

As times change and technologies continue to evolve, there are also new ways to ensure we are being energy-efficient and opting for more sustainable HVAC solutions. Here at Australian Climate Agencies, we are believers in finding HVAC solutions that are cost-effective, sustainable and energy-efficient.

To help you develop a clearer understanding around the sustainable HVAC options available and what you should be looking out for to determine whether your HVAC solutions are sustainable, our skilled team has put together a helpful guide below.

What makes sustainable HVAC solutions?

There are many factors which must be considered when determining whether a building’s HVAC solutions may be classified as sustainable or not. It does not merely come down to what system has been installed—the building’s HVAC infrastructure is made up of multiple components which will all come into play when understanding the approximate energy efficiency. For example, the location, orientation and design of a structure will all greatly impact on cooling and heating usage.

Other components which should be considered includes the window glazing and insulation of a building. If a building has good insulation in place along with a recommended window glazing thickness, the cooling and heating within the structure will work much more effectively and less energy will be lost.

How to improve energy efficiency at your home or business

When understanding sustainable HVAC solutions, it’s also important to learn the various ways you can further reduce your carbon footprint. By adopting sustainability, you will save yourself money while also doing your part for the environment.

A few simple ways to reduce your HVAC consumption include:

  • Ensure your system has been regularly maintained or have your old system upgraded with a more modern and sustainable version
  • Consider the insulation of your property
  • Always close windows and doors when your HVAC solutions are operating
  • Have timers installed and operation controls which prevent the systems from overcooling or heating

How Australian Climate Agencies can help

Would you like to learn more about sustainable HVAC solutions? Here at Australian Climate Agencies, our skilled team is here to assist. For all enquiries on any of the equipment we stock and install, please get in touch with our helpful team today on 03 5981 0308.