Why Air Handling Units Are essential In Indoor Swimming Pools

Why is an air handling unit necessary for an indoor swimming pool?

These days, there are various types of air handling units which offer a range of different advantages—this includes high-end air handling units which are ideal for indoor swimming pool environments. Indoor swimming pools are cut off from fresh air and this is why air dehumidification technologies are required. Many air handling units will provide a dynamic heat pump which assists with heat recovery to the pool and air. Without the use of air dehumidification technologies, an indoor swimming pool can become an extremely hot, humid and uncomfortable setting for patrons.

Different types of air handling unit applications

There are various settings where pool dehumidification and heat recovery technologies will be required. Generally, if a pool is in any kind of enclosed area, air handling and dehumidification will be required. Some popular applications include:

  • Hotel & resort pools
  • Leisure centres
  • Water parks
  • Olympic pools
  • Gyms & wellness centres
  • Campsites & holiday parks

Air handling units & sustainability

Many modern air handling units will work by removing moisture from the atmosphere, collecting its latent energy and reusing it to assist with both water and air heating. This is an extremely sustainable option and it also means that energy costs are dramatically reduced. Compared to traditional forms of indoor pool dehumidification, energy-efficient alternative will be a greatly helpful when it comes to reducing CO2 emissions and saving substantial amounts in running costs.

Air handling unit brands

Here at Australian Climate Agencies, we are proud to supply a variety of leading brands in climate control. In terms of air handling and dehumidification options for indoor swimming pools, one of the key brands we work alongside is Calorex. Calorex is a leader in heat pumps and dehumidifiers, producing various climate control solutions which are ideal for any indoor swimming pool application.

Would you like to know more about air handling units and air dehumidification options for indoor swimming pools? Be sure to get in touch with the expert team at Australian Climate Agencies today for all enquiries.